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My name is Line Cecilie Barfod, and I am a designer living in Copenhagen. This website is my Sketchdarling project. Find my CV here.

I have created this Sketchdarling project in order to practice visual thinking and teach myself Graphic Facilitation, thus expanding my playground for working with UX and the design process. Documenting this in a blog format, forces me to reflect on my process along the way. I will go more in to depth about my journey on this platform eventually – until then I suggest you drop by my Instagram @sketchdarling. 

It is not all Sketchnotes that are pretty or worth writing about in depth – they served their purpose when I made them in order for me to concentrate and remember better. I will publish most of them on my public evernote if you are curious. Be aware, a lot of the old notes I have made are half finished. I am publishing them to show the real life everyday progress I am making, and to have a digital database of my event sketchnotes for my personal use. The sketchnotes I create for work meetings are not publicly available, they are confidential.

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+45 4151 8218
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