Why have I started this sketching project?

I have created this project as a way of nudging myself to document working with and learning sketchnoting & other types of visual thinking, expanding my playground for working with UX and the design process.

I suggest you drop by my Instagram @sketchdarling.

What skills do you need?




Sketchnoting or doing graphic facilitation is more of a skill of the mind that it is about being able to draw live – although being comfortable with your sketching takes you far.

Having pretty sketches makes people want to look at them more, but that is more of a question of not having messy handwriting and being good at layouts, than it is about being able to draw a horse realistically.

I will go much more into how I Sketchnote, and eventually move on to graphic facilitation on the blog.

Top 3 tips to begin Sketchnoting

Good Handwriting

Practice a handwriting that is easy to read. Practice different typography styles, thick and thin to create dynamics in your sketchnotes.

Be quick

Speed is essential when I sketchnote, because it is live. I practice sketching fast – start with doing neat circles and squares and lines really fast.

Take Pictures

Although I practice capturing only the most important things when I sketchnote, my sketchnotes have a LOT of detail. Sometimes I take pictures of very information dense slides and get back to them later.

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